Founded with a rebellious spirit and a bold objective: to offer sparkling wine in a revolutionary way.
Catering to the next generation of sparkling wine enthusiasts: Edenists. 
Edenists are passionate individuals who reimagine celebration and embrace life’s moments.
They deserve to live a life they are excited about.  
Inspired by blue.  The exquisite colour created by Yves Klein. The reflection of the Mediterranean sea.
The symbol of royal distinction, originally discovered by the Egyptians. Blue represents the vibrancy of all things divine.


Rare are the occasions where we indulge all 6 senses simultaneously.
Eden effervescence captures paradise.
A sparkling glass takes us to a yacht in the French Riviera, surrounded by blissful blue sea.
We feel the sunshine kissing our skin with every exquisite taste. 

Taste of Eden

Distinguished by its bright fruitiness, elegant maturity and its seductive palate. Vibrant intensity of stone fruits in addition to the fleshiness and firmness of passion fruit. The sweetness reminiscent of white peach disperses and becomes lighter.  
Uniquely created to be also enjoyed with ice. 


Colour: Bright Turquoise Blue | Flavour: Notes of Stone fruits with hints of Passion fruit
Country: France (Provence) | Grape: Chardonnay | ABV: 12% | Dosage: 38 g/l 


The founder, Aymeric V Bruneau, comes from a winemaking background. His great grandfather, Gaston, founded the Mareau-aux-Pres winery close to Orleans, France in 1931. Aymeric’s grandfather, Valere, followed in his footsteps and became a locally renowned vintner.  In his spare time, Valere produced pear brandy “eau de vie”. However, in the 80’s Aymeric’s father, decided to follow a different path.

Thirty years later, Aymeric ventured to London with a head full of dreams. From the moment, he arrived, Aymeric knew he was destined to create something that would stand out and be outstanding at the same time. Tipped to revive his family heritage, he was certain about one thing – his passion would take him back to his roots. The Eureka moment hit Aymeric upon discovering weathered photographs of his grandfather working in the vineyards.  Aymeric knew rich tradition and a modern twist were the key ingredients for a unique wine, bringing the family legacy back to life.

Born out of inspiration and 5 years of unwavering perseverance, Eden was created to serve the palate of successful individuals and life enthusiasts.